Billy’s Girl – Available Now

Loss comes to us all, death will touch us all at some point. Recently, my Nan passed away. I wanted to honour her memory with a song that paid a tribute to her.
My Nan, was a lady who meant so much to so many. Always ready with kind words, a cup of tea. When I was in my teens, Nan was an avid knitter, she knitted me a jumper and I wore it until it fell apart, I loved it. How I wish I could wear it again, one more time.
I wanted the song to not be about the loss, but about the love she and my Granddad Billy had, we had to call him Billy.
My Nan, Sylvia and a girl named Glenda were best friends. Glenda had a brother, Billy, who was in the army. Glenda suggested they write to each other…the rest, as they say, is history. Even after Billy died their love continued to be felt, memories were held dear.

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You can hear the song below.

Photography by Mike Burns Photography