Country2Country Festival

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Sometimes it’s nice to head to a show as a fan.

On the 10th March I attended the Country2Country Festival in London. My wife and I jumped on the train and headed to the O2, I bought a new hat (always a joy).

Whenever you watch a show you’re taking as much in as possible and learning everything you can. Is there anything that you can bring in to your own show?

We enjoyed wandering around and listening to the acts on the smaller stages, including The Adelaides, Noble Jacks and Robert Vincent. 

Once inside we headed to our seats and waited for Drake White to come on stage. Once he entered the stage the day lifted off, he was immensely entertaining. 

Next up was Ashley McBryde, someone I’d seen on YouTube and listened to a few songs. So I was already excited, once she was on stage she lifted the whole event again. Ashley, was my wife’s favourite artist on the day. Ashley brought southern charm and excellent songs alongside a humbleness to be there, which just tipped her from a really good artist to an excellent one. 

Lyle Lovett graced the main stage next, the man just oozes cool, his band is superb. Every bit of talent and skill honed over years seems to flow out of them with ease, led perfectly by Lyle. Francine Reed was there singing with Lyle’s band, taking over the main vocal duties on occasion, flawlessly singing Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues. 

After Lyle, Chris Stapleton was the headline act, which is sometimes a bit underwhelming after such great acts during the build up. There was no need to worry as Stapleton just sent excitement through the 20,000 strong crowd who were in attendance, from the first song to the last. 

Chris Stapleton’s four piece band, Chris on Guitar and Vocals, J T Cure on Bass, Derek Mixon on Drums and Chris’ wife Morgane on backing vocals, is a stark contrast from Lyle Lovett’s 9 piece band, but every bit as big and melodic.

Chris went from full band to solo and back again, holding every single of one of us in the palm of his hand. 

I learnt a lot from my time there, but most of all I had a great time immersing myself in a day of live country music.

Below is me and my new hat