Old School BBQ Bus

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Last night, Saturday 6th April, I made my debut at The Old School BBQ Bus in Oldham. Located just off the M60 it was really easy to get to.
Walking through the doors and you’re greeted with the most wonderful sight. A Rustic looking ramshackle of shipping containers, scaffolding and tenting. American national and Texas state flags hanging all around with covered hay bales, and beer kegs for seating. At the back is a big yellow school bus, which houses the kitchen.

The Old School BBQ Bus – The food we had was amazing!!!!

As far as restaurants go, this has to be one of the coolest. Being a venue that caters more towards country music, I was nervous about making a good impression. I needn’t have worried as the staff and audience were super welcoming.
My whole night got a really good reception, with especially good ones for my original songs, dotted in between the covers.
I hope to be back as The Old School BBQ Bus (OSB) again soon.
Sue joined me for the evening, and we will definitely be heading back together at some point.

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