Wild Festivals

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I played my first Wild Festival last year, I loved it. So when I was invited back to play again, this time in Lincoln, North Yorkshire and back in Wales again, I couldn’t turn it down.
The first of these events was in Lincoln, held on the Revesby Estate. Not only was I playing, but we were all camping as a family for the first time. Talk about trial by fire, well ICE, it was the coldest bank holiday on record….BRRRRR.

But still, we had a blast, we had fire, marsh mallows, music and games. It was an amazing weekend, one where I headlined the entire weekend, which is pretty amazing, for one man and his guitar.

If you love to camp and want to enjoy a festival that isn’t commercial, no beer tents costing £10 per pint or burger vans costing £8 per burger (not all festivals are like this, but plenty are) Here they keep it simple, you bring your own food and booze, you get involved in the activities on offer or you don’t. There is live music on throughout the day, from 1pm – 11pm.

For us it was the perfect family festival, the kids loved it, as did we and we can’t wait to head to Yorkshire in August.
If it sounds like your type of event, find out more information on their website

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