Family Fun Day at The Hammer and Pincers

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I’m late writing this, as I have been with so many of my posts of late. But this one is different, because since I played at The Hammer, for a fun day to help raise funds for Halton Haven and Heswall Disabled Childrens Holiday Fund, since I played there, the landlord of the Hammer, Christian Thornton was murdered. So this is an event that will always seem a little bittersweet.

As an event, and being a part of it, I couldn’t be happier, two charities that mean a lot to me on a personal level. Having visted both and played music there, I’ve seen first hand the diffrence that both of these organisation make to the people who use it. Si Owens organised the Event, which was part of the Rec’d all day event, which is legendary in Runcorn and Widnes.

Now, when I think back to the event, the murder of Christian/Chris/Tigger will be forever tied to it, although they happened months apart. That’s because he was the Hammer, there was no separation between Chris and The Hammer Pub, there were one and the same. Again, something beautiful emerged from this senseless act, the coming together of the community, a walk through the town in his memory, events popping up in his name. People react the only way they know, to spread love, not hatred. I never knew Chris that well, but I’d met him a few times and always found him a cool guy, that with the efforts he put in for the charity events that were held at his pub, told me all I needed to know….he was one of the good guys, and he will be very sorely missed.

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