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I was delighted to be invited to play at Llanfest, to see my name on the same poster as The Coral was pretty darn cool.

Gareth on the Llanfet Poster

Then Llangollen is such a beautiful place, everything about Llangollen has a peaceful vibe. It was an early start so we could get on site nice and early, to make sure everything was set up and avoid festival traffic.

I was with my great friends, Dave and Kieran, who were also performing as Inkonsoulable, which made the day even better. we had a great walk around the festival grounds watching all the stalls getting set up before the gates opened, once they did and people started coming in, the festival vibe and excitement started.

Gareth hanging out at Llanfest

I was playing in one of the side tents (no BIG stage yet) but I had a really nice crowd gathered round, watching and listening. As one of the few 100% original artists at the festival, it was such a great feeling to have people listening to my songs.

Performing ‘Ever See’

After our tent had finished for the day, we were free to watch some music, after we’d packed away all the gear, of course (no roadie crews for us lot, yet!)

The Coral were amazing, I love how so many of their songs have little country elements running through, especially the earlier stuff.

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