Catch Up – August 2019

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Thursday 1st August – The Cornerhouse, Chester. Thursday nights at The Cornerhouse are original music nights, I love this little venue on the outskirts of Chester City Centre, only a short walk from the train station.
A real fire place, which is lit in the winter, with this Summer, I think it’s been lit a few times.
I generally don’t comment on toilets at venues, but these have photos of Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash on the doors, as Johnny Cash is one of my favourite artists, it always brings a smilt to my face

Friday 2nd August – Sunday 4th August – North Yorkshire Wild Festivals. You’ll have seen my previous post about Wild Festivals, I’m sure!!
It’s a family friendly festival, without all the commercial stuff. No beer tent, you can take your own booze down to the music area, people bring firepits down too, once the Sun starts setting. It’s a community with festivals all over the country. I love being a part of this community, playing at them is a joy. At this one, the headline act pulled out a week or so before, myself, along with Gavin Rasmussen and Tom Pits formed a band, The Broke and Down Wilburys. We had just one practice on the day, I say practice, we decided who would play what and who would sing which song.
The great thing about this, was 3 acts all playing for the whole, egos left at the side of the stage and all supporting each other.
I also love that my family can all come along, they rarely get to see me perform, we spend a weekend camping and just enjoying ourselves.

Saturday 10th August – The Dockside, Runcorn. DOCKFEST. A great little event which raises money for local charities. It’s an event I’ve donated my time to a few times over the years. Being a local festival I get to catch up with so many of my friends who all play the event too.

Sunday 11th August – Halton Haven, Tea at Three. Ever since I attended the tea at three event for the first time in 2017 and was inspired to write a song by the butterfly release, I’ve been attending shows at Halton Haven and performing A Million Butterflies. I sung it as the butterflies were being released, it’s a very emotional moment
I released A Million Butterflies as a single in August 2017 with all money that comes to me, being donated to Halton Haven.
You can find the song by clicking HERE

Saturday 17th August – Wigan Live Festival. Another charity festival I was happy to play for. I love small and intimate venues, where people are almost sat in front of the microphone. You know that the emotion and enrgy you put in to your music is going to be felt. I was really lucky to have a great crowd in.

Sunday 18th August – Charity Festival time again, this time a DIY festival for local charities in Bromborough. being a country musician, you don’t get to meet lots of country musicians all the time from where I live. So I loved meeting a load on the day.

Wednesday 21s August – Rose & Monkey Open Mic, another Joe McAdams night, where he handpicks the people playing. A little venue with a nice stage, right next door to Band On The Wall. I played some songs from my album (currently being recorded) as I finished a lady who original hailed from across the big water to the west told me that I’d reminded her of home with my music, which is a massive compliment.

Friday 23rd August – Sunday 25th August – North Wales Wild Festival. Another WildFest! Another great weekend with friends. Some plonker left the key to the roofbox at home (YES, I did) Luckily my wife was driving down later so there was just a small delay to the start of the tent setting up. That didn’t detract from the weekend, though. Gavin and Tom were both there. It was great to catch up with them both.

Saturday 31st August – TWO GIG Saturday! I started off by playing in Hope, Wales. An early afternoon start to my musical day. The weather was a little threatening in the morning, but thankfully kind enough in the afternoon, to get me through my set without getting too wet.
The second gig was in Kash 22, Frodsham. What a vibe you get in Paddy’s place. If you’re ever near Frodsham, call in get some food, some great ales and enjoy. Even better if you’re catching some live music. It’s set up for music, from the stage, the pa to the decor to the atmosphere. It’s also home to my most attended open mic night, it’s on every Monday and you can often find me there, so it was lovely on this Saturday to have some familar faces be there to support me.

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