Catch Up July 2019

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I get so caught up in life, I forget to update these posts. That’s not a bad thing, but I wanted to keep this updated, not only for folk to read, but as a reminder to myself.
Where I’ve been, who I’ve met. The ups and downs. I’m going to do a big catch up post.
After Llanfest, I played at a great venue in Handbridge, Chester. The Carlton Tavern, what can I tell you about this place. Debbie and Gordon own the place, they have it set up great, a little stage, a great pa system and the most welcoming locals, most of whom are great musicians in their own right.

People really listen when you play, a rarity in pubs these days. I’ve been really lucky with the venues I get to return to and I can’t wait to return to this one.

Studio 2 in Liverpool, a night run by Thom Morecroft. Like an open mic, but everyone is booked in to play. Thom knows so many talented people, it’s always an honour to be a part of his night

Firday 19th July, I had a last minute booking in Manchester at Blank Page at The Print Works, I thought it was a shorter walk than it was from Picadilly Station, especially when carrying a guitar. But it was a really cool evening, an early start and early finish. But I had a decent crowd in.

Sunday 21st July – The White Owl. I love playing a Sunday Afternoon session at The White Owl, a great little place in Turstaston. I get to be a little bit more chilled and really mix up my set. YOU MUST VISIT THIS PLACE.

Tuesday 23rd July – The Whisky Jar, Manchester. If you’ve not heard of The Whisky Jar Open Mic Night, you should find out about it. Again, like Thoms night, everyone is booked in by our host, Joe “Bagpipes” McAdams, who has a well known catch phrase…..”Shut the F**k up and listen to the MUSIC”
A night that is well known in Manchester, people turn up for the music, and LISTEN they do. There is a reason musicians travel from all over the world to attend this night.

Saturday 27th July – The Lake, Hoylake. Another venue that I love to return to. Loz and his team LOVE music, he has such a variety on at his pub, this day was a charity day and I was honoured that he asked me to be a part of it.

Sunday 28th July – The Golden Lion, Wigan. My first time at this venue, I was warned by a good friend that there were some steep stairs to get your gear up, so I was really happy that I’d recently upgraded my gear for some lighter stuff as steep they were. I turned up and set up in an empty room, which is always a little worrying. I needn’t have worried as the room filled before I started, turns out the room doesn’t open up as early as the rest of the place.

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