During Lockdown, Gareth began recording songs with just him and his guitar. This started as a way to keep playing music, Gareth soon began recording versions of some of his favourite songs that he played when alone at home.  People began responding to them.

After being approached by a number of radio presenters requesting a copy of Dolly Parton’s Jolene, Gareth decided to release it.

In this version Gareth makes the song a little darker and adds pain to his voice, you can view the song on YouTube

Love At Night

During the first lock down, Canadian artist, Remi LaBarre, reached out to Gareth to create a song based upon Remi’s artwork.

As Gareth was already a fan of Remi’s work, he jumped at the chance to work with Remi. Much of his work features musical instruments or the feeling of movement, such as dancing.

Gareth took this as his inspiration, and using his lyrics to blend the world of painting and song writing to the point that they became one.

Reviewed by Liverpool sound and visions, Ian Hall.

Ian said:
“Gareth Heesom never fails to entertain, to bring his performance to the light, and yet in Love At Night, what he has achieved is extraordinary, an illumination driven by observing another’s art, producing what can only be described as a gentle, expressive thought caught in the rays of the celebration of symbiosis.”  you can read the full review here

Christmas Without You

Everyone needs a Christmas single. Christmas Without You is song about longing for that special person to be with you, at a time when it’s so easy to feel alone. It is about the moments that connect us, a smile, a touch, a kiss.

Reviewed by Ian Hall
“In this song Gareth Heesom soars to an absolute high, a real passion of belief can be heard, and more importantly, felt, as the meaning and the tune hit home to remind us of what the time of year is really about, acknowledging the time spent with someone who loves you, and how much you would miss that sense of eternal hope if they weren’t there.”

Hold You In My Dreams


Hold You In My Dreams is the first single from the Fallen Angel album.

A song about loving someone from afar and being too scared to tell them how you feel.


Released May 1st 2020

Billy's Girl

Billy’s Girl is Gareth’s second single and was wrote as a tribute to his grandmother (nan) Sylvia after she passed away.

Billy’s Girl tells the story of how Sylvia met Billy the one and only love of her life, how no one else could ever be a part of her life.

Available Now

A Million Butterflies

Gareth’s first single, A Million Butterflies, was released in aid of a Halton Haven Hospice. Located in his hometown of Runcorn.

The song is based upon Native American Folklore, which states that butterflies are able to carry your wishes to the Great Spirit, who is able to grant them.

All funds received by Gareth for this single are donated to Halton Haven. Available Now

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