Hold You In My Dreams


Hold You In My Dreams is the first single from the Fallen Angel album.

A song about loving someone from afar and being too scared to tell them how you feel.


Released May 1st 2020

Billy's Girl

Billy’s Girl is Gareth’s second single and was wrote as a tribute to his grandmother (nan) Sylvia after she passed away.

Billy’s Girl tells the story of how Sylvia met Billy the one and only love of her life, how no one else could ever be a part of her life.

Available Now

Fallen Angel (Live at The Studio)

Gareth performed all the songs from the upcomng album Fallen Angel, solo.

Performed at The Studio in Widnes, October 2019. Previously a part of Queens Hall, a venue which had welcomed such acts as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones

This is the recording taken from the show. Available Now

A Million Butterflies

Gareth’s first single, A Million Butterflies, was released in aid of a Halton Haven Hospice. Located in his hometown of Runcorn.

The song is based upon Native American Folklore, which states that butterflies are able to carry your wishes to the Great Spirit, who is able to grant them.

All funds received by Gareth for this single are donated to Halton Haven. Available Now

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